Spring Cleaning Time Again

Dated: April 12 2017

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Image titleWhether you spend hours each day tending to your home or you can't remember the last time that you made your bed, this is the time of year to step your game up.  For some of us, the term "spring cleaning" fills us with excitement; those first warm days provide us with the chance to throw open our windows, roll up our sleeves, and make our home shine.  For others, spring cleaning is a necessary evil, begrudgingly tolerated at best.  

Whichever category you fall into, maintaining a standard of cleanliness will go a long way towards the health of your home, as well as its residents.  If you're the detailed-oriented home-owner with some time to devote to a comprehensive scrubbing, check out this thorough checklist from The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.  If you're in the other camp, this quick punch list from Reader's Digest covers a few of the big items that will go a long way towards making your home living environment a lot more enjoyable.

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Thomas Senning

Since his entry into real estate in 2014, Thomas has operated under the guiding premise that if he put his clients' needs first, everything else would take care of itself. Time has shown this to be tr....

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